Monday, January 30, 2012

my first flash shooter

I just finished this tutorial from and i've been working on making it my own by adding new features and uniqueness to it. I'll continue to add to this one as I learn more about actionscript 3.

Here is a link to play it in fullscreen.
Full Screen Mode

-Click in the flash window to activate controls
--directional arrows - to move around,
--SPACE BAR - to shoot

Friday, January 20, 2012

first pass As3 conversion of the first beat em up

I'm still trying to re-create the AS 2.0 beat em up(from a couple weeks ago) in actionscript 3. I just wrapped up some basic movement controls and I just did a first pass on her Jump. I also applied a couple features I learned from doing the first few tutorials of this book (Features like screen boundaries and scrolling backgrounds) :

 " Foundation Game design with Flash"

Click in the window to activate controls:
directional arrows - to move,
Control key - to attack/kick/crouch attack

Monday, January 16, 2012

actionscript 3.0 is owning me

Well i've been going through some new tutorials to learn actionscript 3 (the beat em ups below is all actionscript 2.0) and i thought i was going great until i tried to re-do the beat em up with the newer language. It smacked me around all day today and I couldn't even cobble together internet code to make it work. In AS 3.0 everything seems to be more complicated but I know its more flexible and robust in the long run.

This is a simple character movement tutorial i worked on earlier today..lets just say this was pretty damn hard.
Direction arrows for controls and click in the window to activate

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 5 - Picking up and using a Weapon (a pipe)

Yay for progress!
After a couple nights of work, I finally managed to add a weapon that Blaze can pick up and use. Adding the pipe asset to all the different animations was the easy part...I screwed up by having 2 conflicting "attachMovie" functions which were spawning in the weapon and the enemy (both depth 9). This took a couple hours to figure out...oh and I was also missing a bracket in one of the loops which broke things later.
I also added a few proper sprites for her flying kick.

Ctrl = punch
Up + Ctrl= flying kick
Down + Ctrl= Leg sweep
direction arrows = move left/right, crouch and jump
Down arrow = to pick up the pipe

TIP: you have to click inside the flash window once for the keyboard inputs to work...

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Embedding my project updates into Blogger

I learned recently that playing .swfs can be a pain since the Flash player can require a browser and a "open with.." to play properly. Luckily google solved my problem.

Here are the controls so far:
Ctrl = punch
direction arrows = move left/right, crouch and jump

TIP: you have to click inside the flash window once for the keyboard inputs to work...

Day 3 - Now with Enemies!

Day 3:
I've been going through this great Actionscript 2.0 "Beat em up" tutorial I found the other day and made some more with a bunch of "Final Fight" enemies "Andre"!
I am still figuring out what all the code means, but I've managed to hack it together anyways.

Here's a link to the flash swf of the progress:

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First Post! - The due date for my first 1 level project is February 10th 2012

Here's a link to the flash swf file of my beat em up game.
I'm currently using Blaze from Streets of Rage 3. (not using my own art until everything works)

Here's a link to the flash swf: