Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 5 - Picking up and using a Weapon (a pipe)

Yay for progress!
After a couple nights of work, I finally managed to add a weapon that Blaze can pick up and use. Adding the pipe asset to all the different animations was the easy part...I screwed up by having 2 conflicting "attachMovie" functions which were spawning in the weapon and the enemy (both depth 9). This took a couple hours to figure out...oh and I was also missing a bracket in one of the loops which broke things later.
I also added a few proper sprites for her flying kick.

Ctrl = punch
Up + Ctrl= flying kick
Down + Ctrl= Leg sweep
direction arrows = move left/right, crouch and jump
Down arrow = to pick up the pipe

TIP: you have to click inside the flash window once for the keyboard inputs to work...

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