Friday, February 10, 2012

its been 1 month since I started...where am I at?

These are my accomplishments/progress since I stared this blog(1 month ago):

-I learned the "old" actionscript 2 way to make a simple beatem up (using this old splatterhouse tutorial)

-I also learned the "new" actionscript 3 way to make a beat em up (scrolling backgrounds, eventlistener control setup)
-I had a realization that beatem ups are actually pretty complicated to make, so i decided to take a few steps back to learn more about actionscript 3

-I completed the first few tutorials from this book -

-I finished this tutorial on making a space shooter -

-i also finished the tutorials on preloaders and sponsor prerolls in actionscript 3 

-learned how to use flash cs5.5's built in Air IOS packager and published the spaceshooter to my iphone4
(with working on-screen touch buttons) but the performance was pretty bad (choppy framerate)

-completed this tutorial on making touch gestures work with images - i also deployed it to my iphone4

-learned about the flashDevelop IDE and flashpunk (which i am currently learning)
-make a simple 2D game using flashdevelop and flashpunk and get it working on my iphone, with "good" framerate and decent controls

-at the same time, i am trying to build a solid framework for an IOS art/photography portfolio app.

...MONTH 2 IS HERE...considering i didn't even have a flash editor installed a month ago, i think that's okay progress

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